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Travel smarter with these tips!

I have planned many extensive trips, everything from domestic airfare for just my husband and I to intensive international trips that include airfare, rental vans, and hotel rooms for large groups. Often times booking travel arrangements can seem like gambling. You constantly watch the prices go up and down analyzing trends. Then with sweaty palms and a trembling heart you pick a price that you really hope is the best and enter your credit card information. Of course within a day or two you sickeningly find that a cheaper price surfaced. If only you had waited another day or two!!! You tell yourself with grim resolution, “Oh welll, I did the best that I could”. If you know what I am talking about, you should check out this video. These nine tips from the pros are awesome.

I especially love the tip about getting bumped from your seat. Every time my husband and I fly, we try to get bumped. One year we managed to get bumped on one of our trips back from California. It was great!  We received vouchers for $1200 from American Airlines and used it for 2 free trips to the Bahamas!


If you are planning on being bumped, my advice to you is to bring a book, or smartphone, or laptop to the airport. Otherwise you may get really, really bored while living in the airport. I also like to bring a small pillow and blanket so that I can nap while waiting for my next opportunity to earn another free voucher. Travel smarter, not harder!