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Online Bookkeeping

Have you ever had a great bookkeeper, just to have them move away? It is tragic, but often unavoidable. Maybe their spouse has to move to a new job, maybe they have to move closer to family, or a better school for their children. Either way you are stuck with the unpleasant task of having to hire and train a new bookkeeper. Let me introduce you to the solution, online bookkeeping.

Why online bookkeeping is better than having someone in your office.

It doesn’t matter where your bookkeeper moves, they can still do your bookkeeping. High speed internet infrastructure is getting better and reaching more places than ever before. As long as you have internet and they have internet, it just works.

Cut down on paying for hours that your bookkeeper isn’t working for you. Unfortunately, there are people who will go to an office and pretend to work in an effort to make some more money before they drive home. You will often feel obligated to pay them merely because they drove in and sat in your office. In the case of an online bookkeeper, you cut down on the costs of unproductive hours. You only pay for the hours they actively put into your business. This not only cuts down on your costs, but also on the costs of the bookkeeper since they didn’t have to drive over to you.

It is more difficult for your bookkeeper to steal from you. An unscrupulous bookkeeper has the ability to steal cash or inventory from your office and then cover it up in your books. If your bookkeeping is done remotely, they don’t have access to your cash or other assets that might be tempting. This distance can add a layer of safety to you and your assets.

How does remote bookkeeping work?

The easiest way to have your bookkeeping done remotely is to have your finances tracked using Quickbooks Online. Your information is stored on the Intuit servers. This way any one you want can access your books using their own login name and password. Another one of the reasons that I love Quickbooks Online is that if your computer dies, you do not lose your finance information.

If you prefer using your desktop version of Quickbooks, remote bookkeeping can still work as long as your computer is on and attached to an internet connection. There are a variety of programs that can allow this to happen, my favorite is Webex. It is the remote access plugin to Quickbooks. You download the program on your side and your bookkeeper downloads it on their side. Your bookkeeper then sends you a link asking for acceptance. Once you accept them, they can then log into your system and manage your Quickbooks program.

Other tools that help remote bookkeeping includes using online file sharing like Google Docs or Dropbox. Also it is very helpful if you have a scanner in your office.

How can you monitor what your online bookkeeper is doing?

Quickbooks creates an audit trail. Everyone who logs into your system, remotely or in office, should have their own log in name and password. You can then track what each person does in your Quickbooks system and the date and time that they do it.