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Free Personal Finance App

Would you like to track your personal finances? Hint, hint… you really should.  You are probably looking for something that gives you a lot of accurate information but doesn’t require you to spend any time doing data entry. In fact, what would be great would be if it just automatically downloaded your bank information into easy to view reports and budgets. You want it to have an online interface and an app for your iPhone or Android. And most of all, you want it to be FREE!!! Is all of this even possible???? Of course it is! Try This genius little app will log into your banking and credit card information and download and categorize your purchases and deposits. It will create a budget for you and help you stick to it. You can make it more accurate by tweaking your transactions on its web interface. If you own your home, you can have it log on to where it will keep track of your home value.  This, along with your other asset information (such as car values, investments, etc.) and your debt information (mortgage, car loans, credit card balance) will tell you what your net worth is (Hint: this should be a positive number, otherwise you are upside down).   As a bookkeeper, I find this app delightful for me. The best part is that it is completely free! Cloud based programs and online banking have truly revolutionized the bookkeeping industry.