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About Tasha Preisner

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I am a freelance financial consultant that specializes in QuickBooks

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I have a very intimate knowledge of QuickBooks and Intuit products.

Here is my story.


I was offered a job as an assistant manager in a small health food store. At the time, the manager was pushing to install QuickBooks Point of Sale. He left before it was set up and I was handed the responsibility of setting up our new Point of Sale system. We had nearly 1000 different products that had to be manually entered into our inventory system. We also had many different discounts, customer types, new inventory arriving weekly, and I had zero experience working with this type of software. I learned quickly and had the new point of sale system functioning within a few months.


I was offered a job as a full-charge bookkeeper for a small private high school. I had zero bookkeeping experience and zero experience using QuickBooks Pro. I was sent to a local QuickBooks class to learn as much as I could. While there, I made friends with the teacher. She had a connection to the QuickBooks Pro programmers. I suggested to her that it would be very useful if the Receive Payments page had a print button.

The very next software update that I received had a print button! I like to think that I played a part in that.

During the next 6 years I learned all about

  • journal entries
  • payroll
  • accounts payables
  • accounts receivables
  • IRS filings
  • bank and credit card reconciliations
  • and much, much more!

Also during this time, while working a full-time career, I acquired my business degree.


In February of 2012, I launched Preisner Financial Services. My first client that I took on was a small trucking company that also sold drill bits for oil companies. They had been doing their bookkeeping by hand for many years and wanted to change to a digital system. They had about a year’s worth of back bookkeeping that had to be entered and reconciled. They also had 3 years of back taxes that needed to be processed and mailed to the IRS. Within 2 months, I had all of their back bookkeeping up to date, their back taxes filed, and I saved them approximately $15,000.

“I saved them approximately $15,000.”

My second client was a large non-denominational church that was in the process of healing after a difficult financial time. They also had about a year’s worth of back bookkeeping, plus they had changes that needed to be made to their W-2’s, W-3, and 941 that had already been mailed into the IRS. Unfortunately, they were using the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Services. QuickBooks wanted to charge them $2,000 to make the necessary changes. I knew that the changes were simple and with a few hours of paperwork, I saved them that full amount.

The church wanted to move from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Online. I had never worked with QuickBooks Online, but was eager to try it out. After getting them up to date in their books, we made the change. The benefits of QuickBooks Online are phenomenal. The ability to have multiple users log in from wherever they have internet access, the data loss protection, and the ability to interact with it from a smartphone were thrilling advancements. With this tool, we were able to stabilize their financial chaos and put necessary information at the fingertips of whomsoever was needing it.

In conclusion:

I have a very intimate knowledge of nearly all things Intuit, including:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Non-profit
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Turbo Tax.

I plan to keep working with the programmers to improve the functionality of these programs and use them as a powerful tool to help people and companies have a financially fit future.